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  Ticket             | 10487
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  Summary            | HTML/Text Signature
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nialldaley at gmail.com (2013-06-23 19:17) wrote:

I've got to say, it's really disheartening to see a developer so  
adamantly refusing to see or understand the issues users are having.  
Not displaying the signature at compose time is really, really poor  
UX, it makes it impossible to tell what will actually be sent, and is  
down right confusing for users who see their signature in every other  

A couple of solutions to the conversion problem have been raised,  
either just doing the best you can to convert between formats (as  
happens now to the body of the mail when switching between HTML and  
text mode), or putting it in a separate box. Either would be a good  
compromise, the first the better, the latter acceptable, providing  
there is a setting to indicate exactly where the signature is inserted  
in replies and forwards.

If you really want to keep signatures as something that is invisibly  
added, maybe using a template for new messages, and one for replies  
and forwards would satisfy those of us who prefer to see our mails as  
they will be delivered? The functionality for using a template for new  
messages already exists, so just being able to select an default one  
to use on all messages would deal with the issue in that scenario, I'd  
imagine having a separate template for replies and forwards, with a  
placeholder for the existing message would also be possible.  
Triggering a hook to process the template before showing it in the  
compose window would be the icing on the cake, and allow for any  
dynamic content people might want to add.

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