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  Ticket             | 12442
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  Summary            | Show available task lists in "Quick Add" window
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josh at ha.cr (2013-07-11 01:52) wrote:

> I'm inclined to reject it, because this form should really be kept  
> as simple as possible. Where should we draw the line? What if  
> anybody thinks that the form is fine, but only a field to set the  
> priority would be missing? Why is the tasklist different from that?

I can definitely understand the desire to keep the form as simple as  
possible. However, in my organization shared task lists are used to  
manage various projects and so its important that new tasks are added  
to the correct list. In other organizations perhaps it would be as  
simple as tagging tasks appropriately.

I can see a couple of compromises:
1.  With some added text processing to Nag::createTasksFromText, users  
could set the task list per-item, eg by prefixing it with part of the  
task list name "shared: make a birthday card"
2. Add a preference for additional fields on the "Quick Add" form,  
including the task list, priority, and anything else that may seem  

Option 1 involves possibly breaking backward compatibility and is  
therefore dangerous, although it is a nice feature IMHO. Option 2 is  
probably a better choice, since it allows a system policy to be made  
by administrators and is more straightforward to the user -- although  
it does seem to be pushing the definition of "Quick".

I can code up one of those solutions, if you'd consider accepting it.  
If not, I can totally understand your motivation.

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