[Tickets #12442] Re: Show available task lists in "Quick Add" window

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Thu Jul 11 03:03:43 UTC 2013


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  Ticket             | 12442
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  Summary            | Show available task lists in "Quick Add" window
  Queue              | Nag
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  Type               | Enhancement
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josh at ha.cr (2013-07-11 03:03) wrote:

>> Option 1 involves possibly breaking backward compatibility and is
>> therefore dangerous,
> why?

The Nag::createTasksFromText() method takes a $tasklist argument. The  
documentation for that method states:

> @param string $tasklist The tasklist into which the task will be  
> imported.  If 'null', the user's default tasklist will be used.

I'm not familiar with the usage of this method outside of the Quick  
Add list, so it may be completely safe. Perhaps the next question,  
then, is how should the API be changed to support the new feature  
while still allowing the old behaviour? To follow up, is there any  
situation in which a tasklist specified in the text should *not*  
override the $tasklist param, or vice-versa?

I'd personally tend toward adding a boolean argument indicating if the  
task list should be forced to the non-null value passed as the  
$tasklist param, or if the text can specify a task list. If someone  
more familiar with the codebase can confirm that the Quick Add form is  
the only place where this method is used, that would not be a  
necessary addition.

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