[Tickets #12448] Re: IMP using horde credentials when not desired

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  Summary            | IMP using horde credentials when not desired
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lfbm.andamentos at gmail.com (2013-07-12 00:51) wrote:

> What Jan said.  You have provided traces of 2 completely different  
> SMTP object instantiations.  The first is caused by the Alarm code  
> (it has nothing to do with IMP).
> So there is no expectation that these two should be identical.

Yes, as I posted, one trace is from when I click "new message" and the  
other - the one I think matters - is when I click "send". I just  
showed them both because I don't really know what's going wrong.

What I realized is this. The username and password parameters are  
passed correctly - when I click send - until the array_merge performed  
on lines 45-48 of imp/lib/Factory/Mail.php. After that they get  
replaced by horde login credentials.

So I commented out this merge and things started working again. Mailer  
credentials defined in horde settings are now being used to send  
emails from IMP and I stopped getting the gmail authentication erros:

if ($transport == 'smtp') {
     /*Commented out as temporary FIX
     $params = array_merge(


In fact, I have been running the system like this for days now,  
because for this set up I cannot use individual usernames/passwords  
for sending emails.

If I can perform any other tests, please instruct me.

Hope it helps.

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