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  Summary            | IMP using horde credentials when not desired
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Michael Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org> (2013-07-22 18:35) wrote:

>> I'm really not sure how much clearer we can make this.
> You are assuming people will read the smtp parameters  
> especifications after they already discarded the need of configuring  
> smtp in IMP at all.

But regardless, the current method is the only way that makes sense as  
default.  It makes no sense to use Horde SMTP parameters as a default.  
  (Not to mention your setup is extremely rare in practice).

Just imagine the case where an admin allows login to two different  
mail backends - a local backend and Gmail.  For both of these, the  
obvious default is the same credentials for logging into the IMAP/POP  
backend, NOT the default SMTP configuration for the Horde  
installation.  (Almost every mail system setup I know shares  
authentication credentials for both the sending and receiving parts.   
In fact, in 10+ years of dealing with e-mail systems, I can't think of  
a setup otherwise.  I'm not saying this isn't true somewhere - but I  
would have seen this at least once by now if it was a common  

This is especially evident with the Gmail setup example from above.   
You absolutely cannot use the Horde default SMTP server to send  
messages via a Gmail address.  The odds are about 0% a receiving mail  
agent is going to accept a message like this - it is going to be  
almost immediately marked as spam.  Thus the default needs to be the  
only authentication credentials that will most likely work - the ones  
used to login to the Gmail IMAP backend.

> Also, the horde_auth explanation is a little ambiguous. It  
> references horde's authentication, when actually it should reference  
> horde mailer's authentication (in my case they differ). And when it  
> says "those fields", it's not clear if those fields are the ones  
> defined in horde mailer tab or in imp's backends.
> Either way, it's confusing because you are led to think you do not  
> need to set imp's smtp options when you are not overwriting horde  
> mailer settings.

Do understand that your use case is in the extreme minority.  So it  
needs to be documented b your use case must not be prominently  
documented - since that's going to confuse the vast majority of other  
users that almost certainly want to use the IMP authentication  

I will use your input and try to make this clearer in the documentation.

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