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  Summary            | Can't download attachments over ActiveSync
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simon at simonandkate.net (2013-07-26 05:47) wrote:

> I don't know what else to tell you. It's something wrong with your  
> PHP/Apache. PHP 5.3.3 is 3 years old. There were hundreds of bugs  
> fixed since then, and at least a dozen stream related fixes.
> My guess is that it's a bug in PHP's stream filter handling but  
> that's just an educated guess.  If you would rather poke around the  
> code than update PHP, you can look in  
> Horde_ActiveSync_Message_AirSyncBaseFileAttachment::_checkEncoding()  
> or Horde_ActiveSync_Wbxml_Encoder::_outTermStr()
> The former adds a stream filter to encode the data to base64 as  
> required by the spec. The later is where the stream is ouput 8192  
> bytes at a time.
> If you insist on not upgrading your 3 year old PHP you can read out  
> the stream into a string, convert it to base64 and return it from  
> the first method (though this will absolutely kill performance as  
> the entire attachment will be kept in memory, along with the larger  
> base64 encoded version of it).

Thanks Mike. It's not that I *insist* on not upgrading, it's that to  
date - until this issue :) - there has been no compelling reason to do  
so. The CentOS team assure their users that security vulnerabilities  
are back-ported, which leaves functionality and / or bugs. I  
understand the viewpoint expressed by Horde devs that they do not all  
necessarily agree with that, and that is fine. Functionality has not  
been an issue, the server only runs Horde, and it's been working fine  
with no major issues, so (in my opinion) I have not yet needed to  
upgrade. That has simplified the management of my (mostly)  
original-CentOS-rpm server.

Now that it appears that I have run into a dead end that cannot be  
resolved without upgrading I will absolutely look at doing it.

As always - thank you for your help Mike, it's appreciated.

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