[Tickets #12506] Re: Contacts sync with ActiveSync get duplicates and not sync

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Mon Jul 29 22:11:49 UTC 2013


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carlos.velasco at nimastelecom.com (2013-07-29 22:11) wrote:

>> Definitely this seems a timeout issue.
>> I have taken sniffer traces of the 500 contacts upload.
>> After waiting 80 seconds for answer from server (Horde), it sends a
>> FIN packet, connection is closed in Android side.
> Then there is really nothing Horde can do about this. We don't have  
> any control over when Android is going to decide it's taking too  
> long. As mentioned below, you should import this many contacts on  
> the Turba side first.

Well, I see 2 issues here:

1.  With this timeout issue Android device thinks that contacts are  
not uploaded and then tries to upload contacts again and again.
Just 1 android device managed to turn down my mysql in some hours with  
hundreds of dups...
It is a real problem if we think that admins (we) can't control what  
users do with their devices and this issue is rather trivial.
I think that something should be used to limit this problem somehow,  
blocking android device if we detect this problem or something. Don't  
know how.

2. About the real timeout issue, I was thinking about limiting and  
accepting just 20 entries from the phone at a time.
I am not an ActiveSync expert, should this work or you must accept the  
full sync?
I was looking into Horde Activesync code to do this but I am a total  
newbie here.

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