[Tickets #12486] Re: Can't download attachments over ActiveSync

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  Summary            | Can't download attachments over ActiveSync
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Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2013-08-01 14:45) wrote:

> It appears to be using GETATTACHMENT under 12.1. So it looks like  
> it's just the ITEMOPERATION stream that has the issue.

The only real difference between how the requests are handled that I  
can think of off hand is the use of fseek() and ftell() to re-position  
the stream pointer while getting the size of the stream. There might  
be some differences in how we ask for the data from the IMAP server,  
but that would occur much earlier in the request.

> Curious - are you still convinced that it's an issue with my php stack? :)

Yes. Your logs show the request completes successfully, I can't  
reproduce it and no one else has reported this.  Until somebody can  
show evidence that it's something wrong with the code, I will continue  
to think it's something with your php/apache/os/whatever. Again,  
segfaults are NEVER the fault of userland PHP code.

You can look at a wiretrace to see exactly what is being sent over the  
wire to see if there are any clues there...

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