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  Summary            | Contacts sync with ActiveSync get duplicates and not
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carlos.velasco at nimastelecom.com (2013-08-04 12:01) wrote:

> Well, from what you told me earlier, your device is not receiving  
> *any* response from the server before it closes the connection. It  
> doesn't matter what response we send if the client never sees it.

Not exactly, the problem is the timeout (gap) between input from  
device and output from horde.

This is:
Device: Begin sending contacts
Device : Finish ADD contacts, waiting reply
GAP: Horde Begin adding contacts.
GAP: Horde Finish adding cotacts.
Horde: Begins sending replies (status).

If the GAP time is above 80 seconds (aprox.) Android timeouts and  
close the connection *before* Horde begins sending replies. I have  
tested other Android devices and this seems the behaviour in all  
Android 4.1 versions. I need to test with 4.2 to see how this behave.

The issue is that Horde "buffers" the replies and send them all at a  
time later. I have always assumed this is right because you need the  
status for the whole Sync and you can not know this until all  
additions are processed. So I think in this process time the timeout  
occurs because device does not receive any packet from Horde.

If we reduce the process time, we reduce the "GAP" so this problem  
does not arise.

By examplle If I use the uploaded patch (hack) it only process the  
first 50 ADDs in the packet, this sortens the GAP to less than 1  
minute and workarounds the timeout. With this patch (hack) Android  
seems to work fine and sync all contacts with time.

> What probably should happen is when a duplicate addition is detected  
> we should return the existing item's UID as if the addition was  
> successful. Of course, I have no idea what your client will do with  
> this, since it is demonstrating broken behavior anyway, not to  
> mention if the connection continues to timeout, this won't help your  
> original problem anyway.

This sounds really interesting, I would test it, I think it should  
work, there are not additions so the GAP should be low.

carlos.velasco at nimastelecom.com (2013-08-04 12:01) uploaded:  


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