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  Summary            | Handling of shared sent and drafts folders
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Thomas Jarosch <thomas.jarosch at intra2net.com> (2013-08-14 08:59) wrote:

> The namespace RFC (RFC 2342) explicitly states that these kind of  
> personal mailboxes (e.g. Sent, Trash) must appear within a personal  
> namespace:
>    Clients often attempt to create mailboxes for such purposes as
>    maintaining a record of sent messages (e.g. "Sent Mail") or
>    temporarily saving messages being composed (e.g. "Drafts").  For
>    these clients to inter-operate correctly with the variety of IMAP4
>    servers available, the user must enter the prefix of the Personal
>    Namespace used by the server.  Using the NAMESPACE command, a client
>    is able to automatically discover this prefix without manual user
>    configuration.

I think the intention of the above RFC paragraph is to mention that  
the folders _normally_ reside in the personal namespace. Also it  
points out that a client should not try to use a "Drafts" folder  
without any prefix and should always use something like  
"INBOX/Drafts". Though it does not pose any restriction on where these  
folder actually are. Why should it?

I've checked Thunderbird, Outlook 2010 and kmail. All of them allow me  
to select any folder I wish.

The NAMESPACE RFC 2342 was co-written by a Microsoft guy in 1998.  
Googling around shows that Outlook 2013 / Office 365 still supports  
having a shared sent folder.

So I guess we are too strict on this one. Would it cause any harm to  
enable shared folders for this?

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