[Tickets #12486] Re: Can't download attachments over ActiveSync

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Wed Aug 14 15:04:38 UTC 2013


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  Ticket             | 12486
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  Summary            | Can't download attachments over ActiveSync
  Queue              | Synchronization
  Version            | Git master
  Type               | Bug
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  Owners             | Michael Rubinsky

ryu at ryux.org (2013-08-14 15:04) wrote:

>> ... if you are comfortable in PHP, you could also try investigating
>> the use of fseek() and ftell() in
>> Horde_ActiveSync_Request_ItemOperations::_getDataSize(), as that is
>> really the only difference in what happens to the stream between 12.1
>> and 14.x requests.
> Ok, I finally found !
> After 2 days of remote debugging on my test environment (with vim :)  
> ), I solved this bug.
> As the ActiveSync message exceeds the size of the output buffer  
> defined in the method getReponse of the class Horde_Rpc_ActiveSync  
> (1MB), the transfer is splited in the  
> Horde_ActiveSync_Wbxml_Encoder, _outTermStr(). The client detects  
> this as a problem and request again the server.
> I removed the limit for tests and all files can be downloaded !
> BUT, if you put this limit, it is not for nothing I think...
> BUT, after some tests, all my images are corrupted. The end of the  
> image is not retrieved or else... It is maybe my connection which is  
> very bad on my mobile now and I must test again with the WiFi.
> I tell you later if it is ok.
> I would like to know the goal of the output buffer limit plz...
> Thx
> Ryu

I confirm. All seems to be ok.
Can you test too ?


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