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  Ticket             | 12486
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  Summary            | Can't download attachments over ActiveSync
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  Owners             | Michael Rubinsky
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ryu at ryux.org (2013-08-14 18:08) wrote:

Ok, good news for you ;)
I finish new tests and all is clear for me, I think

This time, i was afraid than the content type was not sent because of  
the ouput buffer. And it was the case.

You returns the Content-Type at the end of the method _handle()  
(because you don't know if it is multipart or no) in  
And so, in case of bigger files which are greater than 1MB, the fluh  
send the first part of the stream withtout the valuable header...

I add a new dump from the GetAttachment command. In this case, the  
content-type is image/jpeg. And all is good.

Then, I removed my previous patch with the output buffer size and  
forced the header to Content-Type: application/vnd.ms-sync.wbxml  
before to read the stream.
All was ok.
You're right with the buffer. Not needed to change it.

So, the questions are :

1. Why the content-type is sent with a bad value (text/html, see the  
dump). My feeling is the Apache server which autodetects and adds a  
type. (And fails with the binary of the wbxml and add text/html, but  
success with the GetAttachment command).

2. Why the client makes a new call  and breaks the connection after  
retrieving the first part (1MB) of the file. Maybe it checks the  
format, does not detect a valid HTML format and retry one more time.

I think I correctly sum up the problem.

I'm going to check if I can remove default Content-Type in apache.

What do you think about this deeper investigation ?

ryu at ryux.org (2013-08-14 18:08) uploaded: capture_image_getAttachment.dump


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