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t.nintemann at medial-networks.de (2013-09-06 10:32) wrote:

>>>>> Next i found, was that when i activate Active Sync in Horde, the
>>>>> horde.active-sync Table is not created,
>>>>> It seems that Horde with Kolab enabled did not create missing
>>>>> Tables in SQL.
>>>>> Is it possible to create DB Tables per hand?
>>>> Note: Kolab with ActiveSync is currently work in progress, it's not
>>>> working out of the box right now. I'm on it.
>>> Thomas, what exactely is it that is not working? I'm using this for
>>> several weeks now, and everything syncs nicely... the only change I
>>> created is to sync only special folders, as I have an *extensive*
>>> mailbox structure. But even that works, as I can see each time I
>>> pear-upgrade my install and forget to apply my patch ;)
>>> Regards,
>>> Jens
>> Hi Jens,
>> did you comment the horde_tables definitions in conf.php for alarms,
>> perms and token or was the auto-create of those tables in your setup
>> successful?
>> Regards,
>> Thomas Nintemann
> Hi Thomas,
> I have two distinct installs, one originally done as an upgrade from  
> H4 (where I don't recall having had issues with table creation) and  
> one done as a fresh install (where I am sure everything worked wrt  
> database tables).
> So while I'm not 100% sure for the upgraded installation (just 95%  
> ;) ), the answer is "no (nothing commented out / yes (table  
> auto-creation was successful)" for the fresh install.
> I've been using my modified H5/kolab-webmail version of  
> lib/Bundle.php, where I changed the order of calls - without that,  
> the install would fail.
> Regards,
> Jens

Hello Jens,

the Problem with  auto-create Tables was my Problem.
I had to change my Horde Pear Environment to solve the Problem.

I have just Attach a new Patch for Kolab-Webmail Bundle
in my Comment before this.

Now everything works fine for me. ;-)
The only Problem is Bug: #12450

Do  you have the same Problem with Contact List in Turba?


Thomas Nintemann

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