[Tickets #12720] Re: Mark sent-mail folders to show up in / hide from special folder container

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  Summary            | Mark sent-mail folders to show up in / hide from
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mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de (2013-10-01 08:12) wrote:

Hi Michael,

I have been using Horde 3 for years now and want to migrate to Horde  
5. The issue with the sent-mail folders is a usability blocker for me  

> Quite frankly, the number of people that have more than 2-3  
> identities is extremely small.  So adding an additional parameter  
> just for this few people is not a great idea.

The people around me (e.g. in my GnuPG keyring) have 3 UIDs /  
identities or more. So that point is not taken.

Also frankly said, I could completely do without the special folder  
container and just have all folders in one tree. The special folder  
container takes up so much space (more than half of the sidebar with  
all my sent-mail folders in it). The rest of the mailbox tree is  
buried under it. So, for me another option would be to have the  
special folder container removed completely (including the INBOX) and  
have all those folders re-intregated into the mailbox tree  (I have  
already tested that). Though with a removal of the special folders  
container, I would love to have custom icons for INBOX, sent-mail,  
trash, templates, drafts.

Furthermore, I have other ,,important'' folders (mail filtered into  
them by sieve) that I cannot add to the special folders container  
(apart from using the config part in the backend, but that's not user  
specific, but backend specific, so no option). However, this is  
nothing that can be easily worked into the current special folder  
implementation (IMHO).

The special container as of now is great for standard mailboxes, but  
not very generically configurable. If I have a non-standard mail  
account like mine (containing something like 500.000 mails from server  
logs and mailing lists) its actually more in the way then of any help.

> A better solution would instead be to store all sent mailboxes in a  
> separate container.  This method requires no configuration and works  
> for all setups.

But still, I would have eight sent-mail folders (all with the same  
name shown, stripped off of their full paths / parent folder names)  
dangling around.  A combination of both (selectable sent-mail folders  
and an extra container) would be cool ;-).


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