[Tickets #12878] Re: Cut/Paste function not working when composing mail

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Mon Dec 9 13:45:21 UTC 2013


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  Ticket             | 12878
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  Summary            | Cut/Paste function not working when composing mail
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | 6.1.6
  Type               | Bug
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aria at bsc.gwu.edu (2013-12-09 13:45) wrote:

> This is a ckeditor 3 limitation.
Michael, I guess my 2 cents on this is that if IMP is going to depend  
on a 3rd party package for something this critical, then it is  
important for that package to work properly so that it will not impact  
negatively on IMP.  After all, the end user will not say to themselves  
that CKEditor is a bad product, they just see IMP as a bad product.

I feel that if IMP is depending on another product, then it should  
work nearly completely or at least perfectly on critical features.  I  
think cut/paste is a basic function and one that is heavily used in a  
business environment.  In this case, the cut/paste doesn't work in one  
browser at all and doesn't work properly the rest of the time.

I would much rather have the option of (maybe via a configuration  
setting) to decide whether to use an advanced editor such as CKEditor  
or a much simpler but less capable editor that works flawlessly.  To  
me, it is more important that all the functions work than have many  
functions where constantly there is a risk of one or more not working  
due to client environment changes.


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