[Tickets #12878] Re: Cut/Paste function not working when composing mail

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  Summary            | Cut/Paste function not working when composing mail
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aria at bsc.gwu.edu (2013-12-18 14:14) wrote:

> As posted on the mailing list, turns out that even Ckeditor 4  
> doesn't support IE 11 completely/correctly.  See:
> http://alfonsoml.blogspot.com/2013/08/making-imagepaste-plugin-compatible.html

Thanks Michael, I saw the post.  But please note that not only IE 11  
doesn't work, IE 10 and later releases of Firefox don't work correctly  
either when cut/paste is used.  The intention of the cut/paste from  
Word button is to preserve formatting to the extent possible but what  
is happening is that text is being inserted without formatting and  
somewhat as a long string with even line breaks and all formatting  

I think this is a major problem for IMP.  In a business environment,  
cut/paste from other documents is used very regularly.  The current  
IMP basically doesn't allow for this at all even when using older  

I understand that it's not an IMP problem but when IMP uses a 3rd  
party product for such a major function as composing a message, then  
any flaw in that product reflects badly on IMP.  My users aren't going  
to say CKEditor is bad, they complain about IMP!

If there could be a choice between an advanced editor or a more simple  
editor that always worked, I would pick the simple one.  I can't see  
users composing an e-mail with all sorts of formatting when they could  
just as easily compose a document and attach that.

Perhaps this could even be a configuration preference where you can  
select the editor of choice.

I am happy to bring this up on the discussion list if you think this  
is suite for that type of setting.


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