[Tickets #9773] Re: Date column not updated after midnight

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Wed Feb 12 23:13:48 UTC 2014


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  Ticket             | 9773
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  Summary            | Date column not updated after midnight
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  Owners             | Michael Slusarz

jmozdzen at nde.ag (2014-02-12 23:13) wrote:

>> How may I trace this "browser cache ID" thing
> Firebug is probably best.  The cacheid is sent in the imp:viewport  
> task object contained in the JSON responses to various mailbox  
> actions.
> It looks something like this: "VTIxMTkyLFYxMjU1Njg1MzM4LEg1MDEwNQ==|9|0|D34"

Finally I got around to testing this with Firebug - I'm sorry for the delay.

After a fresh page reload (I had logged in previously, selected my  
INBOX for display and selected your latest Horde bug reply - then I  
hit the browser's "reload" icon), I do see the mentioned imp:viewport  
with it's cache id as part of the imp/dynamicInit POST request:

cacheid 	"VTM5MDAyLFYxMjU2NTc2OTUwLEgzMjY5Ng==|1|1|D42"

 From then on, imp/poll POST requests (besides the toolbar updates)  
are the only requests I see, either automatically or by pressing IMP's  
"update" link. Their response JSON only has imp:poll and imp:quota  
objects in "tasks" - neither contain a cacheid.

The first imp/poll after midnight then actually has a viewport object  
with a cacheid element:

cacheid	"VTM5MDAyLFYxMjU2NTc2OTUwLEgzMjY5Ng==|1|1|D43"

This is indeed different from the cacheid reported initially, but as  
observed previously, the time stamps in the message list remain as  
"time-only" even after the imp/poll requests after midnight.

Further requests again have no viewport object in their responses.

Seems like the cache id change goes by unnoticed?

The currently installed version is imp 6.1.6 from PEAR.

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