[Tickets #12989] Re: Missing: entry category/tag color; time in monthly view

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  Summary            | Missing: entry category/tag color; time in monthly view
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carsten.walther at cewe.in-chemnitz.de (2014-02-21 20:49) wrote:

In H3 the calendar shows a fine overview with a color pro category and  
the event time from .. to in the monthly overview. In Horde 5.1.3 the  
calendar overview is confused, because the event color and the event  
time are missing.

In Horde 5.1.3 I have to write in the subject the event time. So I see  
at least the start time in the monthly overview.

The definition of several calendars is impossible, because the sync  
with Android supports only one calendar. Is'nt it?

To work fine with the calendar again it's necessary:

- to show the defined tag-color in monthly/weekly/daily overview
   * has a event several tags, the color of the first tag is winning
- to show the event start-end-time in the monthly overview.

Otherwise the calendar is unfortunately a step backwards.

For example:
The google calendar shows the start time and an color point for every entry.
In Outlook I can defined several categories for an event. Outlook  
shows the color of first defined category.

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