[Tickets #13009] Re: AS sync of IMAP messages that are in trash folder AND in another folder with 'deleted'-flag

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Tue Mar 4 19:54:09 UTC 2014


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  Summary            | AS sync of IMAP messages that are in trash folder AND
                     | in another folder with 'deleted'-flag
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horde at raggi.circinus.uberspace.de (2014-03-04 19:54) wrote:

>> I noticed that there are email clients (at least Apple Mail,
>> Mavericks), that, although configured to use the trash folder, leave
>> a deleted message in the folder it was deleted from with the
>> 'deleted'-flag set. As ActiveSync only regards
>> Horde_Imap_Client_Base.vanished() mails as removed, such mails appear
>> on the syncing devices in both, the original folder and the trash,
>> until the mails are expunged.
> So, why is this an ActiveSync bug? It's a bug in the client that  
> doesn't expunge it from the folder when moving it to the trash.

First of all, I absolutely agree that this is not an AS bug, sorry for  
posting it as a bug.
I don't know if any specification clarifies the "correct" way of  
moving a message with IMAP (rfc6851 is nowhere implemented, isn't  
it?). To keep a 'deleted' copy of a moved message in the original  
folder is admittedly rather uncommon, but not necessarily a bug.

> There is no method available to mark a message as deleted in ActiveSync.

Yes, so here is the problem.

> The ONLY way to remove a message from a mailbox on the AS client is  
> to send it a remove command. Since this email was not actually  
> removed from the mailbox, we cannot do this.

I think here is room for interpretation. I understand your way of  
solving it and, even more, I inwardly prefer it. But the facts are as  
follows: IMAP has the feature of "deleted"-flagged messages, while AS  
lacks it. Hence, we have to analyze the semantics of the  
"deleted"-flag and reproduce this semantics in AS. Two possibilities  
come to my mind:

1) Ignore the flag. This is basically what you do at the moment, right?
2) Regard messages with this flag as removed.

Do you think that 2) is worth to think about? As far as I see, it  
would work pretty well: If a message is marked as deleted, it  
disappears from synced devices. If an IMAP-client undeletes it, in the  
synced devices it is simply added again...

Ideally, the administrator can configure which behavior he likes.

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