[Tickets #12990] Re: SMTP error message not included in IMP Compose error message for SMTP 550

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Wed Mar 5 02:30:57 UTC 2014


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  Summary            | SMTP error message not included in IMP Compose error
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iviemeister at nutleyschools.org (2014-03-05 02:30) wrote:

> From RFC 5321 [4.2.2], that is the meaning of a 550 code:
>    550  Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (e.g., mailbox
>       not found, no access, or command rejected for policy reasons)

True, but this misses the point that in the text of the 550 error is  
the specific address that caused the error.

The recent commit changing the message text still doesn't help in  
identifying the faulty address. It ends up intentionally hiding  
information from the end-user; information they need in order to fix  
their typo.

It's not a problem with only one destination address, but when a user  
types an adhoc To/CC list including 10+ local users, typos do happen.   
   WIth remote addresses, these just bounce later (with non-translated  
errors); but with local addresses, the message does not send until the  
error is corrected.

Not telling the user WHICH address is the problem is a bad idea, and  
that's just what hiding this message does.

> And we shouldn't be showing the response text from the SMTP server  
> to the users if at all possible, since for non-english speakers it's  
> not going to make any sense.

I understand the desire to translate everything in the UI, but the  
translation of "Mailbox unavailable", without any details, will help  
nobody; while "<test at example.com>...  User unknown" (even  
untranslated) will at least tell the user WHERE the issue is.

> I wouldn't be opposed to making the error message clearer - or at  
> least distinguish it more from a 450 code.

Might I suggest, instead of the original "Mailbox unavailable", or the  
new "Message could not be delivered - the address was not found, is  
unknown, or is not receiving messages.", to append the original error  
text to the end of "Mailbox unavailable"?

That way, there is a translated error AND the necessary details to fix  
the problem.

Resulting in errors reading like this (with the first two lines  
localized by Horde, and the last one dependent on the SMTP server):

There was an error sending your message:
Mailbox unavailable:
<test at example.com>... User unknown

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