[Tickets #13032] ActiveSync: Too many connections due to MySQL sleep processes

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  Ticket             | 13032
  Created By         | chrissi at amusing.de
  Summary            | ActiveSync: Too many connections due to MySQL sleep
                     | processes
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  Type               | Bug
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chrissi at amusing.de (2014-03-11 10:58) wrote:


today I updated my horde packages through pear. These are the updated  

upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Browser-2.0.5
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Url-2.2.2
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Mime-2.3.0
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Group-2.0.3
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Date-2.0.8
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Css_Parser-1.0.4
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Http-2.0.5
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Vfs-2.2.0
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Autoloader-2.1.0
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Auth-2.1.2
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_SessionHandler-2.2.4
upgrade ok: channel://pear.php.net/File_Find-1.3.3
upgrade ok: channel://pear.php.net/Text_CAPTCHA-1.0.2
upgrade ok: channel://pecl.php.net/pecl_http-1.7.6
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Db-2.1.0
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Form-2.0.7
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Editor-2.0.4
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_ActiveSync-2.13.1
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Alarm-2.1.0
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Timezone-1.0.5
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Crypt-2.4.1
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Imap_Client-2.19.0
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Dav-1.0.4
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/horde-5.1.6
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/Horde_Share-2.0.5
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/imp-6.1.7
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/nag-4.1.4
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/ingo-3.1.4
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/kronolith-4.1.5
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/turba-4.1.4
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/gollem-3.0.2
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/mnemo-4.1.3
upgrade ok: channel://pear.horde.org/webmail-5.1.4

Soon after upgrading I got the error message
"Could not instantiate PDO with DSN  
"mysql:protocol=unix;dbname=horde". PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]  
[1040] Too many connections"
After restarting Apache it worked, but after some minutes the error  
So I had a look at the MySQL processes, there were many "Sleep"  
processes originating from horde, just like this:

| 165103 | horde     | localhost       | horde       | Sleep   |  256  
|       | NULL                  |

I had a look into the ActiveSync configuration and set  
"$conf[activesync][ping][heartbeatmax]" to 120 (default was 2700),  
after that the sleeping connections were terminated after 120 seconds  
and the "too many connections" error disappeared. After resetting it  
to 2700 the problem reappears.

I'm not sure if it is a problem with ActiveSync, maybe the updated  
Horde_Db package is responsible?
Is it a problem to set the heartbeatmax value to 120 seconds? What  
could be the cause of the connection problem?

Thanks a lot in advance,
Christian Hailer

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