[Tickets #13085] Re: Use memcache instead of distributed hashtable in $conf[cache][driver]

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Mon Mar 31 13:44:41 UTC 2014


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  Ticket             | 13085
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  Summary            | Use memcache instead of distributed hashtable in
                     | $conf[cache][driver]
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Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2014-03-31 13:44) wrote:

>>> That's true, but would it hurt to set the lifetime? All cache drivers
>>> will default to a lifetime of '0', which means data will never be GC.
>> Memcache does not need GC and, thus, doesn't need lifetimes.
> This remark wasn't limited to memcache. Currently, the data that is  
> stored in the cache by Horde_Service_Weather doesn't set a lifetime,  
> which (if I understand correctly) means that it will never expire  
> stay in the cache forever.

It means it will never be GC'd. It will "expire" and be removed from  
the cache if the code enforced lifetime (via ::get()) is reached. GC  
is ONLY for the backend and even then there is no guarantee that a  
given bit of data WILL be removed once the GC is reached - it only  
flags it as being available for GC the next time the backend triggers  
it's GC routine.

> So while memcache may not need this, other cache drivers may in  
> order for prevent the cache from filling up. For instance, with  
> WeatherUnderground (if users don't configure a location in their  
> preferences) the GeoIP lookups of mobile users may result in loads  
> of entries.

It depends. Only when a lifetime value of '0' is passed does this mean  
that it is never marked for GC. If it is omitted (therefore passing a  
null), it is marked for GC based on the configured default GC lifetime.

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