[Tickets #13085] Re: Use memcache instead of distributed hashtable in $conf[cache][driver]

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Tue Apr 1 10:12:31 UTC 2014


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  Ticket             | 13085
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  Summary            | Use memcache instead of distributed hashtable in
                     | $conf[cache][driver]
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  Owners             | Michael Slusarz

arjen+horde at de-korte.org (2014-04-01 10:12) wrote:

> Except, theoretically, you could set a cache value and then try to  
> grab it later in two different locations ... and one of those  
> locations may have a different (or no) lifetime argument.  So it is  
> not that simple.

This may be true in the general case, but not for the specific one I  
mentioned for Horde_Service_Weather. I fail to understand your  
reasoning, since the only place where this value is used, is in these  
drivers. There is no way to change the $lifetime of the values that  
are stored in the cache from outside the modules, so the chances that  
someone will want to use the data despite it being out-of-date is  
absolutely zero.

For the record, the Horde_Cache memcache driver seems to ignore the  
$lifetime once the results have been placed in the _expirecache. As  
far as I can tell, the $lifetime that is passed in get() will be  
ignored completely except for the first time a value is retrieved from  
the cache.

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