[Tickets #13152] Re: address auto-completion returns all addresses of address book

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Thu May 1 14:51:29 UTC 2014


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  Ticket             | 13152
  Updated By         | jmozdzen at nde.ag
  Summary            | address auto-completion returns all addresses of
                     | address book
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | 6.1.7
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Feedback
  Priority           | 1. Low
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jmozdzen at nde.ag (2014-05-01 14:51) wrote:

> Can't reproduce.  Sounds more like a Turba issue anyway.

how should I proceed?

a  - can you move this ticket to Turba or do I need to re-open another ticket?

b - I'm again willing to debug on my end, but again could use a helping hand:

What I see is a POST request  
"https://myserver.com/horde/services/ajax.php/horde/imple?token=sometoken&app=imp&imple=IMP_Ajax_Imple_ContactAutoCompleter&input=to&to=Angl" (obviously, I typed in "Angl"), and a  return with 820 addresses.... much more that the 50 that are given as default for  

This seems to be a server-side thing: Initially, I get the complete  
list (no matter how the user preference is set), once I save the user  
preference, I get only the matching results reported via AJAX - no  
matter how I set the value of the "return all contacts" preference or  
how often I set it (test: one tab with "new mail" dialog, on tab open  
with the webmail user preference - I toggle the pref, save, then enter  
some chars in the "to" field of the new message. The ALAX call gets  
sent and returns all matches, no matter what preference I just set).

What file should I look at? The entry point seems to be IMP, I feel I  
should debug whether the autocomplete handler sees that user  
preference value and if so, where it comes from.  
lib/Ajax/Imple/ContactAutoCompleter.php seemed to be the right place -  
but it wasn't obvious to me that this actually contains the code to  
handle the AJAX call?


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