[Tickets #13173] Re: ActiveSync: Creation of Subfolders in OL2013 results in apache crash

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Tue May 13 16:03:08 UTC 2014


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  Ticket             | 13173
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  Summary            | ActiveSync: Creation of Subfolders in OL2013 results in
                     | apache crash
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Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2014-05-13 16:03) wrote:

>> I've already spent a good bit of my own time trying to reproduce this
>> with no results. It's impossible for me to fix the issue if I can't
>> reproduce it. If this is a high priority for your organization, you
>> could consider hiring a Horde consultant to try and trace this
>> directly on your system.
> This is great, but we would use your product on more users then now  
> (this 100 users are just a small ammount of all; they are let's say  
> "beta tester", but this is a strong "bug")..

Not sure what point you are trying to make here in relation to hiring  
a consultant.

> You have tested it on your server, isn't it?

Of course. My personal production machine as well a multiple test setups.

> Could you give me your setup configurations? Are you working with  
> dovecot or cyrus?

I have test vms utilizing both (as well as different versions of Dovecot).

> A Debian based system?

This shouldn't matter at all, but my servers are all Ubuntu.

> It should be possible for us to install a testmachine with same  
> configs, so the system must give same results as yours.

I matched my Dovecot config to the one you posted.

> We have tried creating subfolders via IMAP directly, there is no issue..

This would mean nothing as far as ActiveSync debugging/testing goes.

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