[Tickets #12480] Re: Autocomplete includes all addresses for a user where any of them match

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Wed Jul 9 13:33:51 UTC 2014


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  Ticket             | 12480
  Updated By         | simon at simonandkate.net
  Summary            | Autocomplete includes all addresses for a user where
                     | any of them match
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simon at simonandkate.net (2014-07-09 13:33) wrote:

OK, finally. :)

After upgrading everything to x.2 I have come back to this, and my  
Turba install is now aligned with the object_email, object_homeemail,  
object_workemail standard that is now the default.

Typing in "deb.ton" to a new email should match object_homeemail for  
my sister. Auto-complete in Imp does this query:

2014-07-09T22:47:26+10:00 DEBUG: HORDE [turba] SQL  (0.0041s)
	SELECT object_id, object_type, owner_id, object_members,
	  object_lastname, object_firstname, object_middlenames,
	  object_namesuffix, object_email FROM turba_objects WHERE (owner_id =
	  'simon' AND ((LOWER(object_lastname) LIKE LOWER('%deb.ton%') OR
	  LOWER(object_firstname) LIKE LOWER('%deb.ton%') OR
	  LOWER(object_middlenames) LIKE LOWER('%deb.ton%') OR
	  LOWER(object_namesuffix) LIKE LOWER('%deb.ton%')) OR
	  LOWER(object_email) LIKE LOWER('%deb.ton%') OR LOWER(object_homeemail)
	  LIKE LOWER('%deb.ton%') OR LOWER(object_workemail) LIKE
	  LOWER('%deb.ton%'))) [pid 9860 on line 208 of  
2014-07-09T22:47:26+10:00 DEBUG: HORDE [turba] LDAP query by  
Turba_Driver_ldap::_search(): user = simon, root =  
ou=shared_addressbook,dc=simonandkate,dc=lan (ldap.simonandkate.lan);  
filter = "(|(cn=*deb.ton*)(mail=*deb.ton*))"; attributes = "dn,  
turbaType, turbaMembers, cn, mail, sn"; deref = "0"  ; sizelimit = 200  
[pid 9860 on line 203 of "/var/www/horde/turba/lib/Driver/Ldap.php"]

This is matching correctly, finding "deb.ton" in object_homeemail -  
which I know because an auto-complete entry is shown. But - the  
auto-complete prompt in Imp presents me with ONLY the contents of  
object_email to select. That single email suggestion remains as long  
as I type a valid email for her, even if it is matching one that is  
not shown.

I have the following in my Imp pref for search:

simon	imp	search_fields	{"mdmVRibMvw2mw-W5vSljVQ1":["name","email","homeEmail","workEmail"],"localldap":["name","email"],"favourites":["name","email"]}

It is searching the right fields, matching them (because the AC entry  
remains visible as long as one of the underlying emails matches what  
is being typed) but it only ever shows the email address that is in  

How do I get it to when it matches, DISPLAY object_homeemail and  
object_workemail if it is matching one of them instead of only  

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