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Michael Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org> (2014-07-15 00:46) wrote:

Just saw this last comment...

> but since the assets (e.g. compressed js files) seem to be randomly  
> named, when the request for assets goes to an arbitrary backend,  
> they will not match the filenames produced by the replying horde  
> instance.

They are not "randomly" named.  The name is the cache key - it is a  
hashed combination of the filenames contained in the file + the  
modification dates of those filenames.

Pages that use the same list of js/css files can re-use the existing  
files.  Modifying one of the constituent files will cause a new  
filename to be used/created.

> of course i could just collect all assets and serve them from a  
> separate place (that's probably what i'll do), or as you suggest in  
> the conf.xml place the assets directory on a nfs share. but still i  
> figured it would be nice if the assets had a deterministic name,  
> then this would not be necessary.
> additionally it would improve cache efficiency, since random names  
> also means that every asset has to be cached once per backend on a  
> reverse-proxy.

Why?  The files should be named the same.  i.e. the first connection  
to imp on a cluster results in a js file being created for the mailbox  
page -- all users will then use this file.

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