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Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2014-08-25 16:05) wrote:

>> This is because OL doesn't send "SMART" replies or forwards, so it's
>> not obvious it's a reply. We can sniff out the In-Reply-To header
>> though.
> ..and again it's some Outlook "magic"..
> As quoted from Microsoft since EAS 14.0 it is implemented in every  
> their software, but it is *NOT* .

This one isn't really a fault. The specs don't state that a SMART  
request MUST be used, only that it CAN be used to save bandwidth. The  
SMART request saves bandwidth at the expense of server load (since the  
original IMAP message must be fetched from the IMAP server and parsed).

After looking at this further, though, it's not going to be possible  
to work around this since we have NO way of knowing if it's a reply vs  
a forward, nor do we know the original UID of the original IMAP  
message, or even what folder it's from (so we can't efficiently look  
it up).

These things mean that the log message would be pointless, and we  
couldn't set the IMAP flag either.

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