[Tickets #13521] Re: Sending a message with attachment from Android smartphone not working

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Thu Sep 4 15:16:46 UTC 2014


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  Ticket           | 13521
  Aktualisiert Von | patrick at spamreducer.eu
  Zusammenfassung  | Sending a message with attachment from Android smartphone
                   | not working
  Warteschlange    | Synchronization
  Version          | Git master
  Typ              | Bug
  Status           | Feedback
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patrick at spamreducer.eu (2014-09-04 15:16) hat geschrieben:

>>> If there was, the ticket would be updated.
>>> Also, your log files contain absolutely no information regarding
>>> sending an email.
>> I know, no log entries.. that is what makes me think it just *could*
>> be a BUG..
> If there is truly no log message, then this means that the  
> ActiveSync code never sees the request, so it's not an issue in the  
> ActiveSync code.
>> Are there any special settings in PHP that could cause this?
> Possible. Check for timeouts, both in PHP and any firewalls, post  
> size limits etc...
>> The smartphone is sending the message (I can see it just in uploading
>> dataflow),
> Try tracing it with Wireshark.
>> Again, Is this issue not reproducable?
> No, it is not.  Attachments of all sizes I have tried work fine, on  
> all of my test devices.
well, I have debugged for some hours now.. and the error has just  
*disappeared* !

We have restarted our server this night; I suppose this has to do with  
our problem..
Maybe again it was a caching issue or something like that?

Are there any advices you could give us for the future? Is there any  
need to flush caches manually in conjunction with Horde?

Thank you!

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