[Tickets #13608] Re: "Address is missing domain" when sending mail

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Tue Sep 30 02:37:39 UTC 2014


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  Summary            | "Address is missing domain" when sending mail
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tprobinson at cipherprosolutions.com (2014-09-30 02:37) wrote:

> If that's the line that's throwing an error, then you almost  
> certainly do not have a default domain defined.
> There's absolutely nothing wrong with the validation code - if it  
> reaches that point, the e-mail address lacks a domain.  You can't  
> send mail without a domain so it absolutely has to throw an error in  
> that instance.

Oh, no, I totally understand that, which is why I'm so baffled about  
it. I read the code myself a few times over and it seems to make  
perfect sense, but I definitely have a default domain configured. I  
even set and unset that parameter multiple times, and tried sending to  
different domains including my own, it still threw the error.

Commenting the exception throw lets the mail go through and delivery  
is successful, which seems to leave the only possibility being  
something wrong with the code, unless there is some other factor at  
work here that I'm not aware of. But overall it seems pretty simple.  
If the address you're sending to doesn't have a domain, it uses your  
default. If you don't have a default, it throws an error.

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