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  Summary            | "Address is missing domain" when sending mail
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  Version            | 6.2.2
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tprobinson at cipherprosolutions.com (2014-10-02 05:28) wrote:

> We have multiple unit tests that check for this, and none fail.  So  
> you will have to provide a failing unit test that proves otherwise.
> As mentioned, commenting out the code doesn't have anything to do  
> with whether the code is correct.  If the verification code is  
> passed an email address without a domain, that's a problem with  
> IMP's configuration - commenting out the exception doesn't change  
> anything.
> In short, you should add a debug/print statement where the exception  
> is thrown to determine what the value is at that point.

Alright, I added and modified exception throwing to do some tests,  
using 'mail at gmail.com'. I've attached a four-part image of screencaps  
of the file and the results.

The results were that at line 401, $host is 'mail at gmail.com', (screen  
1) and $ob->host is set to that. (screen 2)  At that time, it is  
correct. However, at line 414, $ob->host has become null. (screen 3)  
Literally nothing happens to it in between those points, because even  
if an exception is thrown it doesn't do anything to the data.  
$this->_params['default_domain'] is also null, which means that it  
doesn't overwrite $ob->host. (screen 4)

The string "Address is missing domain" does not occur anywhere else in  
the file, nor in any other file, so this must be the place where  
something mysterious happens to $ob->host.

I don't really know the structure of the $ob variable, so I'm not sure  
what else to check or why the mail delivery succeeds when I remove the  
exception. What else can I do to help collect evidence?

tprobinson at cipherprosolutions.com (2014-10-02 05:28) uploaded: tests.png


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