[Tickets #13847] Re: Duplicated contacts when using ActiveSync on Android

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Mon Feb 9 20:19:27 UTC 2015


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  Summary            | Duplicated contacts when using ActiveSync on Android
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stephan.althaus at hoewweken.de (2015-02-09 20:19) wrote:

> You say it's only with Android, but say the duplicate finder in  
> Turba finds them? Without more information, like *where* the extra  
> contacts came from, where they are showing, what steps were taken, a  
> copy of the server logs etc... I can't really provide much help.
> It rather sounds like some side effect of the client thinking it's a  
> new account and sending the local contacts store up to the server.  
> Still, no idea why it would happen multiple times. Would need a sync  
> log to know for sure.

I have only my Sony to test so far. I tried to get an activesync log,  
but that didn't work for me..
So i activated the general_log in /etc/mysql/my.cnf and there i can  
now see the traffic.
Just for testing, i added an unique key on the table turba_objects,  
this prevented the dublicates,
but the sync never ends.. - that is correct behaviour :-)

Can you tell me, which key is used to get the match between server-  
and client-Contacts?

Ich have a vcardfile on my mobile with at least 535 contacts that i  
exported on my device as a backup in nov 2014.
In Android contacts, i do an import from this file and select the  
horde exchange account to add the contacts to.. some object_photos are  
in there too...

i will investigate further and try to get a correct sync log..

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