[Tickets #14076] Date parsing causes invites not to be displayed (exception is being ignored)

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  Ticket             | 14076
  Created By         | jsegovia.spamina at gmail.com
  Summary            | Date parsing causes invites not to be displayed
                     | (exception is being ignored)
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  Version            | 6.2.9
  Type               | Bug
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jsegovia.spamina at gmail.com (2015-08-04 12:55) wrote:

We are facing an localization-related issue with meeting invites and Horde
(webmail). The invites are processed correctly by Thunderbird, iPhones and
other email clients.

Attached to this email is an example invite, which originates from an MS
Exchange 2010.

The invite is a "multipart/alternate" message. Horde's webmail lists the
three MIME components, but when one tries to display the "invite" (vcalendar)
part, an empty window is shown.

In fact, there is an exception which is being silently ignored:

exception 'Horde_Date_Exception' with message 'Failed to parse time  
string (18/05/2015 3:30 pm)' in /usr/share/php/Horde/Date.php:375  
Stack trace:

However, the problem disappears when the language, and date (format)  
setting is
changed in Preferences/Global preferences/Locale and Time:

   - Select your preferred language
   - Choose how to display dates (full format):

1. WORKS: English (American) and mm/dd/yyyy
2. WORKS: English (American) and yyyy-mm-dd
3. FAILS: English (American) and dd/mm/yyyy

4. FAILS: Spanish            and dd/mm/yy
5. FAILS: Spanish            and dd/mm/yyyy
6. WORKS: Spanish            and yyyy-mm-dd

The exception originates at:

     lib/Mime/Viewer/Itip.php : function _vEvent()

which uses the 'date_format' preference to "print" the dates present in the
vcalendar. The strigified dates are parsed back in the same function via

I guess then problem arises due to an apparent ambiguity. One workaround is to
ignore the pref 'date_format' and use something like '%Y-%m-%d', but this
makes the dates appear in an unusual format for users.

This is on Horde 5.6.2.

Has any one else see the same issue?

What can we do about it?

Thank you,

jsegovia.spamina at gmail.com (2015-08-04 12:55) uploaded: Weekly catch up.eml


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