[Tickets #14110] [ActiveSync] Custom hook breaks send mail functionality

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Mon Sep 14 13:34:33 UTC 2015


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  Ticket           | 14110
  Erstellt Von     | hn at axxedia-it.de
  Zusammenfassung  | [ActiveSync] Custom hook breaks send mail functionality
  Warteschlange    | Horde Groupware Webmail Edition
  Version          | 5.2.10
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hn at axxedia-it.de (2015-09-14 13:34) hat geschrieben:

I was trying to implement a custom hook that detects the correct  
username for ActiveSync login from a given mail address. This is the  
hook I'm using (server and login information changed for privacy  
reasons, but you get the idea):

public function activesync_get_autodiscover_username($email)
         $cmd = 'ldapsearch -H ldaps://my-dc.mylocal.net:636 -x -D  
cn=horde,cn=Users,dc=mylocal,dc=net -w somepassword -b  
dc=mylocal,dc=net mail=' . $email . ' | /bin/grep sAMAccountName: |  
/usr/bin/awk \'{print $2}\'';;
         $username  = `$cmd`;

         return $username;

This works quite well, I can use my e-mail address and the hook  
provides the correct username and the ActiveSync login is ok.

If the e-mail address is: max.mustermann at mylocal.net it returns the  
corresponding username: maxmus

  The downside of this approach is, that I cannot send mails from  
ActiveSync devices anymore. The ActiveSync.log gives me:

ERR: Address is missing domain.

It seems that ActiveSync is using the username maxmus without a domain  
as from address which cannot work, thus the error message is correct.  
This shouldn't be happening as I understand that the hook only  
provides a login username and nothing more. The example shows exactly  

      * ActiveSync hook for determing a Horde username from an email address.
      * @param string $email  The email address
      * @return string  The username to use to authenticate to Horde with.
//    public function activesync_get_autodiscover_username($email)
//    {
//        return substr($email, 0, strpos($email, '@'));
//    }

Only the username (part of the mail address in that case) is returned.
I assume there must be some kind of bug in Driver.php but I'm no php  
specialist, so I have no idea where to look at right now.

When I disable the custom hook in the ActiveSync configuration, all  
works as expected, but I have to enter the username manually (not a  
big deal, but the end user has to know the username for this to work).

If you need further Information, please ask.

Best regards,

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