[Tickets #13737] Re: Setting "Delay until" on task with subtasks

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Tue Oct 13 13:41:28 UTC 2015


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  Ticket             | 13737
  Updated By         | x.van_dessel at ieee.org
  Summary            | Setting "Delay until" on task with subtasks
  Queue              | Nag
  Version            | 4.2.1
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Unconfirmed
  Priority           | 1. Low
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x.van_dessel at ieee.org (2015-10-13 13:41) wrote:

This ticket is related to 12308.

I have retested the behaviour described and I can confirm it behaves  
indeed differently from what is expected.
Versions used: nag 4.2.5, kronolith 4.2.9

I can even extend the given case of parent - child with another  
situation. The OP describes that when you set the parent task to a  
future start, then the parent task rightfully moves to the future  
tasks. And in that list the child task is not listed, and thus the  
list user interface does not avoid the completion tick.

But there is a more dangerous sitation:
If you keep the parent task now (no delayed start), but you delay a  
child task, then, in the normal task list you will only see the  
parent. You won't even see the child as that one has been moved to the  
future task tab. Again, the list no longer sees any child, and thus  
the parent task can be set to completed.

In general, there should be some code that is called ALWAYS when task  
is being completed. If that task finds any reason to refuse the  
completion, then it refuses it, and issues an error message indicating  
the reason.

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