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  Summary            | Parent task make sort by date impossible
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x.van_dessel at ieee.org (2015-10-13 14:22) wrote:


after some invenstigation, I think I understand how Samuel reached his  
situation where sorting is not working.

I think it is partly explained by the case described in ticket 14138.

If you define these tasks (2 parents, 2 childs):
+-- C1
+-- C2
and then you sort, then effectively only P1 and P2 get sorted  
depending on the column you select (Priority, Date, name, ...). Works  
great. And nobody complains about the sorting as it is logical that  
child tasks are not sorted by their attributes but rather by their  

But Samuel said he had a lot of jobs. Thus, he uses labels to group  
them, and he filters by label. Thus, as mentioned in ticket 14138, the  
relationships between P1 and C1, and between P2 and C2 is still there  
but no longer shown.
Thus, when you now sort, it seems as if the sorting does not work: the  
same sequence appears as before, but the indentation and the parent to  
child lines are gone. So you just get a flat list, and sorting seems  
to be broken.

can you confirm that you use label filtering when this behaviour occurs?

But there is an easy work arround for Samuel:
When you create a Smart list (via the search option, and select to  
save your query as a smart list) with the label(s) selected, then, in  
the current implementation, the output of that smart list forgets all  
parent to child relationships and thus sorting works again the native  
way: each task gets sorted by its value, disregarding any parent or  
child relationship.
I'm not sure this is the desired way of working, but that is how it  
works on version 4.2.5 of nag.



>> Do you still see this? I can't reproduce in current Git either.
> Unfortunately yes, but I have a big task list :-/
> horde                      5.2.3   stable
> nag                        4.2.3   stable

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