[Tickets #12598] Re: Open Ansel to external resources

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  Summary            | Open Ansel to external resources
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Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2016-01-19 15:30) wrote:

> Since Ansel uses VFS to store the images, it would make more sense  
> to add a WebDAV driver to Horde_Vfs. Then you could use owncloud or  
> any other cloud storage service that provides WebDAV API.
> Not sure about external specific photo/video services.

IMO, this won't be enough. Accessing/displaying images from backend  
storage is only one part of what Ansel provides. My plan is to  
implement different "remote gallery" types for different services  
(utilizing various Horde_Service_* libraries). I actually  
hacked-together a prototype of this working with Vimeo back in Horde 3  
to test the idea. This lets us be more flexible in what services we  
can support, not limiting us to cloud services with WebDAV access and  
providing a more feature rice experience for those remote APIs that  
offer more features (I'm thinking Tags, Geolocation, "likes",  
different ways of grouping photos together etc...) Any photo sharing  
site we can write a Horde_Service_* package for could be supported.

We could (and should) make a "WebDAV gallery type" one of a multitude  
of remote gallery types, but shouldn't limit remote access to WebDAV.

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