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Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org> (2016-01-22 10:41) hat geschrieben:

> Bugs or features?  Well, I consider annoying features as bugs.  But  
> at least the software works for me as I somewhat expect.  Please fix  
> these weirdnesses:
> 1.  checkboxes on mail - when I check a bunch of boxes, then  
> accidentally click outside the check box of an item, Horde unchecks  
> everything I had checked.  This is nuts because I have to go back  
> and recheck everything.  Fix this by requiring Esc to uncheck, and  
> providing undo/redo for check operations.  Accidentally clicking  
> outside a checkbox must not uncheck everything.  If nothing more,  
> prompt the user as to whether to uncheck everything.  Yes, I realize  
> I can simply hold down the shift or Ctrl key and click to select.  I  
> had to mess with it a while before I figured that out.

No. This has been discussed in detail on the mailing lists already.  
Please search the archives if you are interested in this discussion.

> 2.  Import from Gmail address books properly.  I save Gmail address  
> book to a vcf, then import into Horde.  Some Gmail contacts have  
> multiple email addresses.  Horde allows only one email address, but  
> multiple phone numbers.  To accommodate this weirdness, Horde  
> creates additional entries for a given contact, with a different  
> email for each, but Horde does not show the differences between the  
> contacts.  This creates a confusing address book glut of contacts.  
> This fact worsens the problem:  Google has promoted its Hangouts to  
> all new Android 4.4+ phones, starting with Nexus phones, and any  
> user with a gmail account has automatic synchronization of the phone  
> contact list with the gmail contact list.  It would be wonderful if  
> Horde allowed one to keep its address book synced with gmail,  
> outlook / hotmail / Thunderbird contact lists.   At the very least,  
> add more email address fields to the horde contact list so that  
> import from gmail does not create additional name entries, and let  
> users specify the "Default" email address and phone number.   
> Furthermore, provide a way for users to show email addresses AND  
> phone numbers on the screen that displays contacts in the address  
> book.  That screen could show whether contacts are duplicates of  
> each other, or MOSTly duplicates.

Turba already supports multiple email addresses, and you can even add  
more. It up to how you configure it.

> 3.  We NEED features to help us clean up address books that have  
> duplicate entries or mostly-duplicate entries.  Most users do not  
> need or want duplicate entries.  I have a ton of email-address-only  
> contacts, where I don't even know the name.  Gmail and Thunderbird  
> seem to stash these in the contact list.  Many of these also exist  
> in entries with names.  I want Horde to offer a feature that scans  
> the address book and merges all email addresses having no name with  
> contacts having names and identical email addresses.  I also want it  
> to merge all contact names with multiple phone numbers or multiple  
> email addresses.  THIS is the most messed up area of all  
> email/webmail clients.  Horde can show some leadership by fixing the  
> problem better than any other product does.

Turba already has duplicate searching and merging.

> 4.  After searching in the address book, or editing a record, we  
> have no way to return to the previous screen.  Alt left arrow  
> produces a message about form submission.  This is frustrating and  
> annoying.  Provide a way to return to the previous screen.

That's a valid point, please create a new enhancement request in the  
proper queue (Turba), if one doesn't exist already.

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