[Tickets #14247] Check email address for event reminders

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Tue Feb 9 15:19:05 UTC 2016


Ticket-URL: https://bugs.horde.org/ticket/14247
  Ticket           | 14247
  Erstellt Von     | wahnes at uni-koeln.de
  Zusammenfassung  | Check email address for event reminders
  Warteschlange    | Kronolith
  Version          | FRAMEWORK_5_2
  Typ              | Enhancement
  Status           | New
  Priorität        | 1. Low
  Milestone        |
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wahnes at uni-koeln.de (2016-02-09 15:19) hat geschrieben:

When chosing to have an email remindet sent for an event, the email  
address that a user enters into the form is not checked.  If the input  
is in fact not a valid email address (e.g. just the username with no  
domain), this leads to problems at the time the reminders are to be  
sent, with the site administrator receiving emails from the cronjob  
running horde-alarms. The invalid input should be caught at the time  
the user fills out the form so that they can enter a valid email  
address instead.

I see two ways in which the form used for entering an email address  
for reminders to an event could be improved:

(1) Append the default domain to unqualified addresses just like IMP  
does. This may be a bit difficult to do since the domains that would  
need to be appended are only set in IMP's backends.local.php, so that  
info might not be available to Kronolith. Maybe the form should be  
re-displayed in this case with a note to the user to make clear that  
the email address has been changed automatically.

(2) Do at least some basic checking of user input, i.e. validate that  
it is a syntactically correct email address.  For instance, an input  
such as "a at b@c" should never be accepted.

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