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Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2016-03-03 02:46) wrote:

> Alright,
> So the only thing we have proven and tested is that two (or more)  
> slight variants of IE11 interpret line 1411 differently?  I don't  
> see how that proves that the code is logically sound.

Because this is the first time this has been reported and that code  
has been in place for years.

> Why is the IMP code even checking for that difference for IE11 if  
> line 1413 works just fine in IE 11?

Well, did you actually test that the event handler that is being  
attached in that line actually works correctly and catches the events  
it is inteded to or are you just stating that after the page loaded  
there were no errors? This is not the same thing.The reason for that  
code is that events do not bubble up properly in IE. Whether they do  
this properly in some newer version of IE is irrelevant (and to be  
clear, I have not verified this one way or the other yet). Just  
because a newer version of IE may work correctly doesn't mean we  
should remove the check for older versions within the same major  
release cycle. We are not going to remove support for a browser that  
worked properly within the same major release.

>  If it is looking just because IE6, 7, 8, etc. had a problem, then  
> that is no longer a logical thing to look for.  All of those  
> browsers are obsolete.
> I have given plenty of excellent feedback on this issue and  
> performed the same test on multiple machines with the same results.
> If noone chooses to fix the bug, so be it, I will edit code on the  
> server to work for the time being.

No one is choosing not to fix anything, but rather haven't yet  
determined what needs fixing and the best way to fix it so as to not  
introduce a regression for any other browsers.

> Too many people use IE11 to ignore the problem, and it doesn't make  
> sense to support only the version that one developer has tested with.

We are not ignoring the problem, as evidenced by us  providing  
feedback to your reports in an effort to help you further drill down  
on where the actual issue is. Since we cannot reproduce this on our  
side we need more information. As you state, many people use IE and so  
far this is the one and only report of this.

Additionally, I have also tested this on IE 11.0.9600.17351 - with the  
same results.

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