[Tickets #14335] Meetings accepted from Thunderbird client through Caldav URL send a notification to all other attendees

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Thu Apr 21 17:56:58 UTC 2016


Ticket URL: https://bugs.horde.org/ticket/14335
  Ticket             | 14335
  Created By         | albert.solana at upcnet.es
  Summary            | Meetings accepted from Thunderbird client through
                     | Caldav URL send  a notification to all other attendees
  Queue              | Kronolith
  Version            | 4.2.11
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Unconfirmed
  Priority           | 3. High
  Milestone          |
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albert.solana at upcnet.es (2016-04-21 17:56) wrote:

User A creates a meeting "Meeting test" with two other atendees (C and  
D). All attendees in same Horde server.

D accepts meeting from Horde account, organizer receives an  
acceptation reply, all other attendees doesn't receives this reply.

C attendee uses a Thunderbird client whith Lightning plugin and it has  
C Horde calendar configured using CalDAV Subscription URL.

If C attendee accepts meeting from a Thunderbird client  then all  
other meeting participants receives a message notification sent from A  
account in Horde server: that's wrong.

The Accept url shown in Thunderbird client than A attendee is using  
its similar to this URL


and the notify message sent to all other attendees shows that:

1. mail Subject says "C wants to notify you about changes in "Meeting test" "
2.  the included ICS file shows that C attendee is the organizer of  
this meeting => thats wrong, the original organizer is A.

I've attached the invitation ICS file example sent with this  
notification, in this example usuari.ana_at_upcnet.es was the original  
organizer, but when I (albert.solana_at_upcnet.es) accepted the  
meeting from a Thunberbird client I appears as organizer in this ICS  
file sent to all other attendees.

albert.solana at upcnet.es (2016-04-21 17:56) uploaded: event-invitation.ics


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