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ryu at ryux.org (2017-03-10 19:53) wrote:

That's exactly what Michael says.
Horde supports EAS and it's great! Ios also handles this protocol  
perfectly so everything is perfect.
But ... Apple Mail app does not support EAS but EWS. But not Horde.
So yes there are other solutions but it is not as simple and  
integrated. For example, I have in my Horde configuration several  
address books that I expose through Carddav. Except that the Contacts  
application only handles a single Carddav address book ... So I have  
created as many address book accounts to mitigate this limitation but  
this is not a good solution ... Other Big problem is the IMAP. In my  
company, I am behind a Firewall and it is impossible for me to  
connect. Thanks to EWS, everything would be integrated and would form  
a coherent whole.

I suspect that the work effort has to be huge, hence my suggestion of  
crowdfunding ...

I have been using Horde for over 10 years and I do not expect to  
change it. You really do a good job, you have to say it and say it  
But of course it's easier to ask you to do miracles than Apple ...  
You're more flexible than them.

I hope that one day it will be possible for "easy to use" solutions  
like EWS to be used.

Thanks for your listening, it's already a beginning :)


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