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  Summary            | Automatic S/MIME encryption
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jnaegele at grierforensics.com (2017-03-13 21:05) wrote:

>> The if-clause in line 55 of your patch doesn't make sense because it
>> can never be true, see the check in 39.
>> This is a great start, thanks a lot! To be applied we would need at
>> least one of the two suggested solution for notifying about missing
>> encryption keys for certain recipients.
> Sure, the check in line 39 ensures that encryption is *not* already  
> enabled before attempting automatic encryption. Line 55 ensures that  
> if S/MIME signing is enabled it remains enabled in addition to  
> encryption.
> I'm happy to contribute the remainder of the patch but I'm not sure  
> how to best implement either option for notifying the user. I also  
> posted on the dev mailing list for tips. Thanks!

I've attached an updated patch that satisfies the discussed  
requirements. Existing functionality changes only when automatic  
S/MIME encryption is enabled in the S/MIME preference group.

If public keys for all recipients are found, the message will  
automatically be encrypted before being sent. Otherwise, the user will  
be notified of the recipients for which a public key could not be  
found. This notification will occur only one time, unless the user  
adds additional recipients for which public keys can't be found, in  
which case the user will be again notified. The notification is  
identical to the one used for detecting missing attachments.

Let me know what you think. This patch is actually pretty simple and  
applies cleanly.

jnaegele at grierforensics.com (2017-03-13 21:05) uploaded:  


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