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  Ticket             | 12516
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  Summary            | CardDav attribute value delete
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wahnes at uni-koeln.de (2016-08-02 18:32) wrote:

The proposed patch in comment #3 has got a big downside, as it will  
always delete values from all fields that cannot be set via CardDAV.  
For example, if you were to change a contact's first name via CardDAV  
with the patch from comment #3 applied, changing the name would  
inadvertently delete the values stored in the "Assistent's phone  
number" field (assistPhone), or carPhone, or may others. This would  
cause trouble on a shared calendar where one user uses Turba's web  
interface only and another uses CardDAV, at the very least. Like Jan  
pointed out, this could only work if all fields from Turba were  
exposed via CardDAV.

While allowing all fields to be exported and re-set via CardDAV is  
another story altogether, there is something that can be done with  
little effort: Keep values of non-CardDAV-exported fields unchanged  
(like is now) but allow other fields to be deleted.

So for the time being, I created a patch where only those fields can  
be deleted via CardDAV that are currently seen when using CardDAV.  
While this does not address the problem that CardDAV clients may be  
dropping attributes unknown to them and those attributes in turn  
disappear in Turba, it does, however, hinder CardDAV users from  
unwillingly deleting values they have never seen. The fact of not  
being able to delete _any_ value is a big problem on our site, as  
people cannot remove any outdated information from a contact via  
CardDAV as of now.

Of course, this proposed patch has a downside, too: Users might still  
be expecting to be able to see and alter information via CardDAV in  
any field they see via the web interface, and even with this patch,  
they still see only some of this information. If they "clean out" a  
contact via CardDAV, there might be more stuff remaining than they  

wahnes at uni-koeln.de (2016-08-02 18:32) uploaded: bug12516.patch


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