[Tickets #14810] Server side email searching through ActiveSync doesn't work

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Tue Apr 17 07:21:03 UTC 2018


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  Ticket             | 14810
  Created By         | s.arcus at open-t.co.uk
  Summary            | Server side email searching through ActiveSync doesn't
                     | work
  Queue              | IMP
  Version            | FRAMEWORK_5_2
  Type               | Bug
  State              | Unconfirmed
  Priority           | 2. Medium
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s.arcus at open-t.co.uk (2018-04-17 07:21) wrote:

Server side searches through ActiveSync appear to not work at all. My setup:

Lighttpd 1.4.49
Dovecot 2.3.1
Exim 4.90
PHP 5.6.35
Postgresql 9.2.24
Horde 5.2.17

I have tested on an iPhone with iOS 11.2.6 and a Jolla phone with  
Sailfish 2.1. On both phones, if I choose the setting to perform the  
search on the server, they just sit there saying "searching", and  
after a few minutes return no results.

I have logged in through telnet on the IMAP serrver and ran a SEARCH  
BODY command, which returns results. I have enabled full text search  
(FTS) Lucene indexing on the Dovecot side, and the searches now are  
down from 5+ minutes to less than 1 second. Still no difference on the  

I can see in the Horde ActiveSync debug logs that the search command  
is being sent to Horde by the phones (see below), but even with  
debugging turned all the way up in Dovecot, I don't see any search  
command being passed by Horde to Dovecot.

Here is what the phone sends to Horde when starting the server-side search:

[12466]INFO: ----------SEARCH request received for user  
myusername at mydomain.com
[12466][2018-04-16T15:27:38+01:00] INFO: ----------Request being  
handled for device: JP359745050349650, Supporting protocol version:  
14.0, Using Horde_ActiveSync v2.39.2
[12466] I: <Search:Search>
[12466] I:  <Search:Store>
[12466] I:   <Search:Name>
[12466] I:     Mailbox
[12466] I:   </Search:Name>
[12466] I:   <Search:Query>
[12466] I:    <Search:And>
[12466] I:     <Search:FreeText>
[12466] I:       dea
[12466] I:     </Search:FreeText>
[12466] I:     <FolderType>
[12466] I:       Email
[12466] I:     </FolderType>
[12466] I:    </Search:And>
[12466] I:   </Search:Query>
[12466] I:   <Search:Options>
[12466] I:    <Search:Range>
[12466] I:      0-100
[12466] I:    </Search:Range>
[12466] I:    <Search:DeepTraversal />
[12466] I:    <Search:RebuildResults />
[12466] I:    <AirSyncBase:BodyPreference>
[12466] I:     <AirSyncBase:Type>
[12466] I:       2
[12466] I:     </AirSyncBase:Type>
[12466] I:     <AirSyncBase:AllOrNone>
[12466] I:       1
[12466] I:     </AirSyncBase:AllOrNone>
[12466] I:     <AirSyncBase:Preview>
[12466] I:       255
[12466] I:     </AirSyncBase:Preview>
[12466] I:    </AirSyncBase:BodyPreference>
[12466] I:    <MIMESupport>
[12466] I:      0
[12466] I:    </MIMESupport>
[12466] I:   </Search:Options>
[12466] I:  </Search:Store>
[12466] I: </Search:Search>

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