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  Summary            | Microsoft EWS
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s.arcus at open-t.co.uk (2019-02-13 07:51) wrote:

>>> What would that get us that the current Horde API doesn't provide already?
>> Today I discovered that it is impossible to access shared calendars
>> or address books using EAS. Apparently EAS doesn't do permissions -
>> so it doesn't expose shared calendars or address books. I use the
>> alternately the Horde native interface and Thunderbird to access
>> Horde as a back-end (using TBSync). For the reason above I can only
>> access the user's own calendar(s) or address book(s) - and not others
>> which they have been given access to. This would be a limitation for
>> all other ActiveSyns/EAS clients - such as mobile phone clients or
>> other calendaring software connecting to Horde.
>> So that seems to me like a significant limitation. As far as I
>> understand, EWS implements permissions, so software using it can
>> expose shared calendars and address books.
> That's not 100% true. Yes, EAS doesn't support permissions, but  
> Horde will synchronize any shared that the user has write access to.  
> Yes still a limitation, but it is extremely unlikely we will  
> implement EWS.

Thank you - I wasn't aware of that. Still, there are plenty of  
occasions when read-only access to shared calendars is needed - and in  
those cases they won't show up through EAS. I wonder if it would be  
possible to aim for Horde implementing access to read-only shared  
calendars through EAS, somehow? I suppose it could pass changes to the  
client, and just ignore or override any changes the client tries to  
pass back to Horde, maybe?

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