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  Summary            | Reply to iPhone Mail - Lost content
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Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> (2020-08-25 15:54) wrote:

Unfortunately, this is not a bug in Horde. It's iOS. Here is the  
pertinent part of the request made to the server when you try to reply  
to this message:

[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I: <ComposeMail:SmartReply>
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:  <ComposeMail:ClientId>
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:    B08F11C3-1A57-4066-B4E0-85C00C81BF98
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:  </ComposeMail:ClientId>
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:  <ComposeMail:SaveInSentItems />
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:  <ComposeMail:ReplaceMime />
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:  <ComposeMail:Source>
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:   <ComposeMail:FolderId>
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:     F2eb5b87c
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:   </ComposeMail:FolderId>
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:   <ComposeMail:ItemId>
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:     440672
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:   </ComposeMail:ItemId>
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:  </ComposeMail:Source>
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:  <ComposeMail:MIME>
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I:  </ComposeMail:MIME>
[43524][2020-08-25T11:34:41-04:00] I: </ComposeMail:SmartReply>

Note the line:


Normally to save bandwidth a "SmartReply" just sends the text for the  
reply and the server is to obtain the original message from the mail  
server and then create the full email reply before sending it along.   
The "ReplaceMime" property indicates that the client is send the  
entire body of the email and the server should NOT include any  
additional data from the original email. From the spec:

MS-ASCMD ReplaceMime:

When the ReplaceMime element is present, the server MUST NOT include  
the body or attachments of the original message being forwarded. When  
not included, the client MUST append the body of the original message  
as attachments to the outgoing message.

I don't have a device with the most recent iOS updade, but there is  
supposedly a setting under "Mail" to "Include images in replies" in  
newer versions of iOS.

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