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21 Nov 2000 01:06:32 -0000

avsm        2000/11/20 17:06:32 PST

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    lib                  IMP.php tree.php 
  When in subscribe mode, show a new item on the toolbar to allow the
  user to toggle between showing all folders, and only subscribed ones.
  Instead of implementing this at the tree.php level, I made it a rendering
  level thing.  The tree init() function now takes a single boolean argument that
  allows the imaptree to decide whether not to use subscribe mode or not.
  (Previously, it retrieved this information from the preferences).
  The navigator then clones the imaptree in subscribe mode only if
  the user is in subscribe mode and _doesnt_ want to view all folders.
  If the user is in subscribe mode and wants to view all folders, a new
  style is applied to the unsubscribed folders.  I couldn't decide on a
  good colour, and have a plane to catch in five hours, so hopefully someone
  else can decide on a decent look!
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  1.28      +6 -5      imp/lib/tree.php
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