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26 Nov 2000 21:51:04 -0000

avsm        2000/11/26 13:51:04 PST

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  Allow only a subset of folders to be polled for new mail.  This introduces
  a new preference 'nav_poll'.  If this is changeable, then users have two
  new options in the navigator menu which allows them to pick and choose which
  folders to poll for new mail.
  - If the preference is not activated, then only the INBOX will be polled.
    We should offer this as a configuration option I guess,
  - Removed the CHECK_FOLDER post action and $updatecache as redundant
  - folderPollList is serialized into the nav_popup preference
  - API change: previously, the next() and nextonlevel() functions in
    tree.php handled the cache update.  This meant that the decision of
    whether or not to update the cache had to be made _before_ retrieving
    the folder.  Now, the folder is retrieved, and then the decision is
    made to update the cache or not.
  - API addition: in tree.php, flushMessageInfo() deletes any entries
    in the session cache for the current folder message info.
  - The only way to currently tell if a folder is being polled or not is
    the presence of the message information to the right.  Is this enough?
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