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Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at
Fri Jan 30 12:35:10 PST 2004

Quoting Etienne Goyer <etienne.goyer at>:

> Following the discussion of last week concerning the command Quota
> driver in IMP, I tried my hand at supporting the new style of output
> that is not currently supported.  I did not include a patch, as it was
> bigger than the file itself; thus I attached the command.php file
> instead.

Nice try, but it won't get the bounty.

> This modified command driver Work For Me (TM), in my test setup.  The
> code is quite convulated and I am not really satisfied about it.  I plan
> on fixing that up once I receive feedback on my current approach to the
> problem.

Quick look at the approach says it is not the correct approach.

>             'partition' => '/dev/sda2'
>         ),
>     ),
> Replace the 'partition' value with the partition name for which you want
> to retrieve for.

I have quotas on 8 partitions...  See the problem?

> Let me know if work for you or not.  I'll try to help you along if it
> does'nt.
> Thanks everybody, I await your comments.

A very quick glance makes it seem your version only works for people with
a single quota device.  Many of use have multiple devices...

*Maybe* you could setup an array which maps the mount points or login
directories to the physical device names...  Then use this as a 'translation
table' for the output versus the posix login info.  But this is kind of a

Did you fix the problem of line wrapping on long device names?  (I didn't
look at the code to see).

Again, I didn't examine the code, but your e-mail text suggests that this
is not going to work as a general solution.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

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